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If it's like last year, Archery will open under statewide regulations, As far as gun hunts they'll do the youth hunt and a quoata, Shotgun or ML only. West Kentucky WMA deer hunt spots reduced because of flooding Dave Baker/Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife 800-858-1549 KY FRANKFORT, Ky. (Jan. 14, 2020) High water from the Ohio River continues to impact portions of West Kentucky Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in McCracken County. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Please see the refuge hunting/fishing permit for details. Mike Clerkin heads to the legendary Buffalo County, Wisconsin, in search of early season whitetail action. Terrain: Hard; You can experience a big change in elevation when hunting this area. "Camera use facilitates trophy whitetail production in two ways," he points out. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Being a Zone 4 county, does are not allowed to be taken during rifle season, which is one of the main reasons the doe count is so low. Description Livingston County Wildlife Management (WMA) and State Natural Area in Livingston County features bluff habitat in three tracts near the confluence of the Cumberland and Ohio rivers. It's a question a lot of wildlife biologists and trophy hunters in other states probably have asked themselves. They are categorized into high, moderate and low management levels. I did see an absolute monster on a quota hunt but did not get a shot at him. Hiwassee and Yuchi wildlife refuges have growing deer herds the state would. Iowa Bowhunter Goes Stealth Mode with a Tree Saddle to Bag 194-inch Non-typical, Missouri Hunter Shoots 25-point Ozark Giant with Limited Time to Hunt, Hunters Must Lead the Fight Against Invasive Species, Understanding Non-Verbal Whitetail Communication, A Look Back at No. You can park in a few different spots along Georgetown Rd, or you can drive up and around to Old Columbus and park there. Make sure your deer is 15in wide or it will cost you. Trained as a high school English teacher and coach, Scott Bestul left that lucrative field to pursue anotheras a full-time freelance writer in 1990. I'd think I'd start there. Sept. 30. I haven't hunted the rest of the states in your list but I can tell you that most of the WMA's in Kentucky are going to be full of gun hunters during your chosen time period. i would come sooner if possible. This allows them to keep an eye out for any predator or hunter that may enter the bedding area. At most wma's you need to scout a lot & then travel deep to the perfect spot. Therefore, it seems only fitting that his pursuit of a particular giant buck actually began during a rabbit hunt in November 2012. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. My best advice would be to go to the area and scout it before you hunt..after reviewing the maps. (10) If a hunter has purchased the appropriate permits, a hunter may take unlimited antler-less deer in: (a) The West Kentucky WMA gun hunt; (b) WMA quota hunts in Zone 1; and (c) State Park quota hunts in Zone 1, except as established in Section 8 of this administrative regulation. Write, email or call Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources for additional information. If I had a choice of hunting Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri or IllinoisKentucky would be my last pick. 2 deer a day from October 15 through January 31, but only 3 total bucks. Similar hunts are held on West Kentucky WMA each year. Our deer and turkey hunting are both the best in the nation, far as I'm concerned. Spring squirrel hunting in Kentucky can be one of the most fun times of the year! The shotgun and muzzleloader deer hunt for up to 140 hunters is scheduled Jan. 16-18, 2021. WMA Management Levels Wildlife Management Areas Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) are properties owned or managed by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources for conservation and public access. "While continued slow growth in deer numbers in Appalachian Kentucky should lead to even more trophy entries being taken from the poor deer habitat in the eastern third of the state, our west-central counties should continue to be tried-and-true producers of trophy bucks into the foreseeable future.". Cheatham WMA is a popular property that produces quite a bit of success, with a mixture of quota and non-quota hunts. "PRIVATE" lodging and family style meals included. With an official net score of 246 0/8 non-typical, Austin Musselman's megabuck is an example of Kentucky quality. Ainsley Whitley is a contributing writer for various branded properties that together attract more than 280 million readers seeking influential content. And just remember to check the dates for the youth and Quota hunts at Kleber, followed by, thats right, a MG hunters a week later swarming the boundary. Tim Young remembers, "Man, he looked big." But More than likely the result would just be largest wma. This is a place that is enjoyed by visitors all year round. Hunters must have an annual hunting license for hunting grouse in Kentucky. Off Market. What a question for a public forum, laziest approach I've seen yet. I live near Miller-Welch. Selected hunters may not exceed their personal bag limit or a total of 5 bears per hunting party during the hunt. They are strict on their rules, so read up. i would go to lbl if u were u.its closest to bama and the biggest by far.over 100,000 acres..big bucks and less crowded simply due to its size. Hunters may register for the hunt starting at 8 a.m. (CST) on Jan. 4 by calling the West Kentucky WMA office at 270-488-3233 or sending an email to weston.mason@ky.gov. If you want public land, hunt the Shawnee N.F. NOTE: Some of the below hunts may be by pre-application lottery. Steep hills of the Appalachian Mountains make for limited access and will push even the most physically fit. Rich WMA made this list because it is filled with deer, but it comes in at No. JavaScript is disabled. Begley of Clay County, Ky harvested a 217 2/8-inch buck on Nov. 14, 2020 in Fayette . Any info would be greatly appreciated. So perhaps it really is the combination of scouting technology and having just one buck tag that results in a far more selective hunting public. According to veteran biologist David Yancy, deer project leader for the Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources, there are reasons for the state's continued productivity on trophy bucks. It's a state with a great reputation for big deer, but in producing them, it appears to violate many of the rules of how to manage deer with that in mind. There are deer in there, but the horse people screwing around with their dogs will likely increase the difficulty of a hunt. ; KY archery and crossbow deer hunting for the 2022-2023 season has ended. Probably wont be able to get in to scout as im in college and i get out that friday before the start of the hunt. Hunters will have their best chance of scoring a nice deer from the opening day of archery season (Sept. 4) through the closing of the restricted areas. ZIP: 42056. JavaScript is disabled. Total Harvest 2020: 79 Bucks: 56 Does: 23, Terrain: Moderate to Hard; Most hunting areas consists of hills and ridges. "I woke up this morning and I thanked God that I did" Rush Limbaugh RIP Tethered Life Feb 4, 2020 #4 Thunder Head Be safe hunting!! FRANKFORT, Ky. (Dec. 23, 2020) Hunters interested in the open firearms deer hunt at West Kentucky Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in McCracken County are advised that the sign-up process and some procedures will be different for the three-day opportunity in January. Never hunted there, curious to see if anyone had any information on the place (what tract to hunt, what to setup on, etc.) As the accompanying map illustrates, no single county has them to itself. Selected hunters may bring a hunting party totaling no more than 10 members, including the administrator and designated co-administrator. my father and i have been bowhunting for 7 years in Alabama. 8Z on Kodiak Island was second with 4,797. Deer. Sept. 1. Kind of an eerie place with all the nuclear signs and fall out shelters. Kentucky is one of the premier deer hunting states in the country, with many regions experiencing a year-by-year increase in deer population and harvest. I'd think the WMA that lists incentives for killing a bunch of does would be the ones with the highest density. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Shooting range (for single projectile firearms only; no shotshells or pistols allowed) open Monday-Saturday 9:00 AM-sunset & Sundays noon-sunset. I think I may get drawn this coming season. During quota hunts, all deer hun ting seasons on this WMA are closed, except to drawn hunters. There are some WMA's, like the dam/Peninusula area at Barren River Reservoir that are primitive weapons only. As well as Clay wma in nicholus co. Yah, just send everyone to Owen County the second week of Novemberplenty of land, deer, and hardly any hunters! West Kentucky WMA offers a variety of recreational opportunities, including horseback riding trails, a skeet range, a mobility impaired archery range and hiking trails. That has been several years ago on the youth mentor hunt. I think I have 2 priority points. Subscriber Services. Under strict harvest restrictions since 1993 that allowed only 10 percent of hunters to harvest a buck, Ballard this year is one of two Kentucky public lands to newly adopt an outside spread minimum of 15 inches. They have tons of deer as well. 1 Pope and Young Bucks Before They Were Beat, Two Brothers' Shed Hunting Strategy Yields Non-Typical Match Set in Missouri, Potential Kentucky State Record Crossbow Typical Shot in Hemp Field, Night Hunting for Predators Will Help Your Deer Herd, Michigan Hunter Shoots 200-class Non-typical After Oversleeping That Morning, Saskatchewan Hunter Finds Target Sheds After Looking for Multiple Days, Dr. While some hunting is allowed, some animals are protected, including turtles, crawfish and bullfrogs. The fishing is outstanding, and the waterfowling is at least acceptable. Its a well known fact that bucks, especially mature bucks, like to bed near oxbows, with their backs to the water. Heard something about an open hunt. Join F&S+ to read exclusive stories by your favorite writers. Kentucky Guided Hunting Trips Most of the SRO Crew Contact us today! But a clearly defined chunk of Kentucky is a great place to start your search. The best hunting area I have found is Fort Knox military reservation.deer numbers are good (not as good as when I started hunting there in the 1990s though) and the CHANCE for a B&C buck is legitimate (Ft Knox posts lots of pictures of big bucks harvested each year). For me, its just another reason to go. Change to senior hunt/fish licenses. Wildlife Management Area (WMA) Maps This map is intended as a guide only, and its content is subject to change without notice. Kentucky Fish and Wildlife owns, leases, or manages more than 85 wildlife management areas (WMAs) for public use. Deer Hunting West Kentucky WMA gung Oct 20, 2004 Oct 20, 2004 #1 gung 8 pointer Jan 29, 2004 690 Graves County I got drawn for a quota here and have never been there.Does anybody know anything about this place any help is appreciated. Likely, youll find them with their backs to the water and their vantage points set to access areas or popular walking routes. If you're going to hunt in November, one of those would be better due to no gun hunters. Salt River Outfitters in Kentucky is located on the " Bourbon Trail ." As an added bonus, as you stay with us, you can tour many of the bourbon distilleries on the "Bourbon Trail" that are located within 30 minutes of us. I hunted it quite a few times but the last time was about 15 years ago. The end result is that we only harvest about 49 percent of the available antlered deer each year.". Kentucky Hunting Features Forums List Deer Hunting Forum Kentucky Community Forum Waterfowl Hunting Forum Turkey Hunting Forum "First, by capturing images of older and/or larger-antlered bucks in an area, they encourage local hunters to pass up younger/lesser animals. Hunters in Crittenden took 3,033 bucks during the 2013 season. Hunters are willing to pass up younger deer because they know older ones are around.". Go get em. Stan Potts heads to Montana with his rifle in search of a Big Sky buck. Yet, anyone younger than 14 can still ride an eBike off-road. There is a lot of good places to hunt. Haynes Shelton discusses what to look for when choosing the magnification range when it comes to the scope on your deer rifle. In my experiences, most hunters do not do this at Rich WMA. I harvested a doe at Rich in late September, and had a chance at a few small bucks that I passed one. ", Game and Fishing Magazine: Kentucky Deer Hunting Forecast for 2014, Game and Fishing Magazine: Best Counties for Hunting Deer in 2013, Game and Fishing Magazine: Best Places for Trophy Bucks in Kentucky in 2013, Outdoor Life: Best Deer Hunting State: Kentucky Takes Top Spot in New Whitetail Scale. All rights reserved. Any resident or nonresident may apply for quota hunts. I have hunted down there prbably 7 or 8 times. Peabody wma is 46k + acres in west central Ky, good deer and turkey population I carry a gun cause a cop is too heavy Feb 3, 2020 #3 bfriendly Senior Member That sounds like a great time! Total Harvest 2020: 30 Bucks: 16 Does: 14, Terrain: Diverse; Easy to moderate; Wetlands and open water make up 34% of land. Eastern Kentucky is not known as the best part of the state to deer hunt, but there are some giants in that part of the state. Good luck. Signups will not be accepted once all slots have been filled. i think you guys would have to best chance there. The deadline to register by phone is 3:30 p.m. (CST) on Jan. 5. The archery areas on Campbell were like hunting in a park. First, I would look for pull-offs on these roads that dont lead to easy-to-walk trails, but may give you an access down a ridge to where you can get into thicker woods. Easy access in most areas. Only one antlered deer per hunter may be harvested statewide, regardless of zone, method or season. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. I'll try & drive out there after work today & see if theres any new info at the hunter check station. Try Fort Campbell. But a clearly defined chunk of Kentucky is a great place to start your search. The man reportedly shot his wife in the chest then . Do your own research and scout some of the places you come up with. State Park Deer. How are they doing the gun hunt in West Ky this year? I would scout three spots in three different areas just in case they are useing it. "In much of western and central Kentucky we have fertile land with a good balance of cover and crops," the biologist says. 5 because the lack of quality bucks that I have seen. West Kentucky WMA, McCracken County. The deer are so abundant in the Blue Grass Region that hunters harvested more deer in this area than in the northeast and southeast regions combined. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Rabbit and quail hunting seasons open Nov. 14 - Dec. 31. To hear many serious trophy bowhunters tell it, Kentucky must be a figment of someone's fertile imagination. "Catoosa is one of the more popular public hunting areas in the state for big deer," according to Ratajczak. Grant WMA Morgan, Putnam 3C Balls Ferry SP Wilkinson 3D Bartram Forest WMA Baldwin, Wilkinson 3E Camp Thunder VPA Upson 3F Cedar Creek WMA Jasper, Jones, Putnam 3G Clarks Hill WMA Lincoln, McDuffie, Warren, Wilkes 3H Clybel WMA Jasper, Newton 3I Collins Road VPA Burke 3J Di-Lane Plantation WMA Within Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge, there are four designated hunt areas. I have been putting in for the Land Between the Lakes quota hunt. You must log in or register to reply here. But while there are approximately 1.8 hunters for each antlered buck, only around 35 percent of our hunters take a deer each year and nearly 50 percent of those are antlerless. But, Pennyrile is home to a nice deer population, as well. I heard they might be having an open hunt on Nov 22-23. Food Preparation, Camp Cooking and Recipes. they did close a bunch of areas due to 9-11, so maybe all the deer moved into those areas.. hope you have better luck than we did!! The report *will be* updated to include results for bear-only and bear/deer hunts at a later date. They only ones I know anything about is in the bluegrass region! I didnt include Kleber WMA on this list because it is not underrated. My advice would be to get as close to the river as you can, in some of the more remote areas. "Also, deer population density averages about 20 animals per square mile. "Be bear aware at all times, and never drag your game," Svoboda said. Any info would be appreciated. But, this will keep a lot of hunters away because they do not want to wade through the waise (or chest) high weeds and grasses to get to a prime hunting spot. The changes are necessary to ensure the health and safety of hunters and WMA staff. "Open" hunt to be Nov. 22-23, Shotgun or Muzzle loader only. Hopkins leads the way with a recorded harvest of 2,542 deer during the 2013 season. The Blue Grass Region is another hot spot, with Pendleton, Garrard, Boone and Henry counties offering the best chances for bagging a trophy buck. Oct 20, 2004 #2 G glenmorebuckman 6 pointer Dec 20, 2003 468 Glenmore, Ky, USA. *Our Gear. Access is available in all areas of Rich WMA. Thanks! Because of that, I prefer to hunt Rich. good luck, Thanks guys for all your info. I've been there a few times on quota hunts and there are alot of deer there, but it seems like there are always twice as many people as deer. Horseback riding allowed on maintained roads. They is deer there just not like they used to be. "At 5-8 per square mile, Kentucky's deer hunter density doesn't place it among the top 12 densest states in whitetail range," Yancy notes. Rough River Lake WMA was not a top producing county for Kentucky public land deer hunting in 2020, but it is still a place where a hunter can get away from pressure and find nice deer. There will not be a staffed check station for the hunt because of crowding concerns and the potential for spreading COVID-19. At 195-inches there's good reason why. Speaking from experience. You must log in or register to reply here. You may be able to find areas in which multiple hollers converge into one open bottom, as well. The shotgun and muzzleloader deer hunt for up to 140 hunters is scheduled Jan. 16-18, 2021. Pendleton, Shelby, Grant and Boone round out the top five counties in this region, each with harvests of between 2,324 and 3,484 during the season. This will allow you to hunt areas of Pennyrile that are nearly impossible to get to by foot and should open up a good opportunity to hunt a more mature buck on the property. The Pennyrile State Forest is the largest public land area on this list and that is why it is at number one. Then look up telecheck public land results, tells how many deer checked in on each wma. Ballard has the best buck-to-doe ratio of any public hunting area in the state at one buck for every two does, Yancy says, and it also has an excellent age-class structure that features a lot of older bucks. Starting this year, more sportsmen will be able to take advantage of these numbers. I got drawn for a quota here and have never been there.Does anybody know anything about this place any help is appreciated. Good deer hunting can be found in many parts of West Virginia, but the best whitetail-producing counties share a common set of characteristics plenty of deer, enough size to make harvest . If Kentucky public land deer hunting is on your list this fall, Rough River Lake WMA would not be a bad starting point. Just want to try something new this year. Dog-Deer According to Benton County Sheriff Kenny Christopher, 55-year-old. Or you could shoot 216 does and no bucks. Archery/crossbow quota hunt from the third Monday in October through Nov. 30, except when closed during the quota hunt that starts the first Saturday in November. Search the dept website and check harvest numbers on wmas. The other four counties in the top five were close behind, with hunters bagging between 2,222 and 2,470 bucks per county. I do agree.that first time will be more learning than success. "There's a selective mindset among many hunters and landowners, which results in most small bucks getting a free pass.". For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Check kdfwr website for harvest results over several years. i also agree about about your timing. The last time I was down there it was tore up with rubs and I saw probably a 140" buck. I really can't see anyone coming in blind & having great success. No vehicles/ATV's. No permanent stands, etc. Opportunities are abundant in this state, with a population of around 900,000 deer and about seven hunters per square mile. And get this: Nearly all of the hunters heading afield then are carrying scoped centerfire rifles. Walnut Road, Lot #WP001 , Boaz, KY 42027 (Graves County) Size: 21.5 acres . Lots of deer, nice bucks. With over 14,000 acres, it would be impossible to pinpoint a few to share, but my advice in hunting Pennyrile is to be different. In some areas, a user permit is required. Find one with a soybean field and go glass late evenings in August. Ask Perry (PBeyer). Several counties in the Green River Region offer excellent deer hunting opportunities. While it's tempting to say the one-buck limit simply forced hunters to become more selective in buck harvest, that might not be the full answer. Opportunities are abundant in this state, with a population of around 900,000 deer and about seven hunters per square mile. Divide #acres by # of deer harvested. JavaScript is disabled. Either way..we'll give it 110% effort and just maybe see a good deer come bythanks again and I wish all of you the best this year! He sold his first story to Field & Stream a few years later and has been contributing to the brand ever since. Kentucky Hunting is the leading online community for outdoors enthusiasts to discuss hunting, fishing, archery, and life in Kentucky.

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